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Posted By: John Anthony

Posted On: Nov 30th, 2009
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week 11 picks

Alright so it's been a successful year thus far let's see if I can finish it off with a bang.

Last week I was able to barely salvage a winning week going 4 and 3 and bringing my overall regular season record to 44-22-3.

There are a lot of games on tap this weekend so let's get on with the picks.

Hounds v. All Blacks:

This very well could be a "B" division preview. The All Blacks have been playing well lately but so have the Hounds. The All Blacks have been doing it against tougher competition so give me the All Blacks to take this one.

Hawks v. Buccaneers:

A very important "C" division game here. Both teams are coming off victories but the Hawks just beat the Buccaneers two weeks ago. I look for them to do that again this week as they try to lock up first place in the "C" division.

Killer Beezzz v. Lancers:

Neither team has anything to play for in this one as the Lancers have first place locked up and the Beezzz have last place locked up in the "B" division. But there is definitely a friendly rivalry between these teams so I look for both teams to play hard to get the bragging rights. And if both teams are playing hard the Lancers have to be the pick with the way they are playing this year. Also it's been nearly a month since the Lancers have won an OTFL game so I'm sure they want to get that monkey off their back before the playoffs roll around.

Westney FC v. Buccaneers:

Will WFC be able to find the ever elusive second victory. I hope they are able to but with the Bucs having so much to play for I can't see it happening in this one. Give me the Bucs.

Bulldogs v. WFC:

See above for the same reasons I'll take the Bulldogs.

Bulldogs v. Hawks:

Both teams will be on the back end of their double headers in this one. So it may come down to who is able to get more guys out and keep more guys fresh. The Bulldogs have an easier game at 10:30 so they may be able to save some of their energy for this one. But the Hawks do have the advantage of winning the last game between these two teams. This one could definitely go eitehr way but I'll take the Hawks to win this game and the "C" division.

Sun Devils v. Raiders:

This should be a fairly easy win for the Sun Devils even though the Raiders are starting to play much better lately. Even with the Raiders improved play they still have only beaten one non "C" division team and have not beaten an "A" division team yet. I don't see that changing this week so give me the Sun Devils in this one.

Ruff Riders v. Buckeyes:

I do think the Buckeyes have the ability to pull this one off and after picking wrongly against them the last two weeks and having "i got fired?!?" saying I told you so in his mind I really do want to take the Buckeyes in this one. With Chris Pierre being only 8 points back in the scoring title I am worried that Rafuse may try to force it in to "TO" this week so he can win his scoring title and that the Ruff Riders will be wise to this and roll coverage towards "TO". So in this one I have to go with the Ruff Riders in what should be a great game. I like the Buckeyes so I hope they prove me wrong once again.

Ruff Riders v. Rogues:

Another tough match up for the Ruff Riders but I think they will go 2 and 0 on the day and clinch the "A" division.

Those are picks. As always I look forward to hearing your comments.


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