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Posted By: John Anthony

Posted On: Nov 30th, 2009
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Week 9 picks

Well I'm actually on time this week. Is everyone as excited as I am that the NFL season is finally here?

O.k. so 6 and 1 last week (7 and 0 against the spread BooYah) bringing my overal season record to 37-15-2.

o.k. on to this weeks picks

Ruff Riders vs. Killer Beezzz:

This is an easy one as the Beezzz will be totally overmatched. Give me the Ruff Riders as a lock.

Sun Devils vs. Rogues:

This is definitely not an easy one. Should be a great game. I'm going to have to go with hmmmmm tough one to call, give me the Rogues as if both teams show with a full team it's a coin flip but i think the Rogues are more likely to bring out a full team.

Bulldogs vs. Westney FC:

Again I'm routing for Westney FC but the Bulldogs have so much more experience and talent that I have to go with them to come out and win this one.

Hawks vs. Buccaneers:

Well the Buccaneers won the last time these teams faced off but the Hawks have been playing pretty good ball lately. Give me the Hawks in a close one.

Buckeyes vs. Lancers:

Not sure if the Buckeyes will be able to keep with the Lancers in this one with no TJ. Especially after coming off a 9:00 game against the All Blacks. Give me the Lancers in a mild upset.

Buckeyes vs. All Blacks

I do however think the Buckeyes will have enough to take this one against the All Blacks to at least break even for the weekend.

All Blacks vs. Lancers

Have to take the Lancers to go 2 - 0 and the All Blacks to go 0 - 2. Lancers have just looked so good this year it's hard to pick against them unless they are playing one of the powerhouse teams (who they beat last week giving me my only loss).

Hounds vs. Raiders

A battle of two OTFL classic teams that have been reshaped over the years. Also a battle for 2nd place in the "B" division. But the Raiders have yet to beat a "B" team this year look for that trend to continue as the Hounds win this one.

Those are the picks as always I would love to hear your thoughts and Vinny I would love to get some spreads to pick against again this week.


Posted By: i got fired?!?

Posted On: Nov 30th, 2009
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RE: Week 9 picks

John, you are pretty good at this odds making and prognosticating stuff, I'm going to have to ask you who you are calling to win during the NFL season for my pro-line picks!

Lancers over the Buckeyes... Ouch! The Lancers do have a good looking team this year to be sure, and not having TJ on offense or defense does make a HUGE difference.... HOWEVER, I have to believe that we will find a way to get the W, one way or another, so I am hoping to prove you wrong on this pick!

Posted By: JA

Posted On: Nov 30th, 2009
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RE: Week 9 picks

For the NFL game tonight I think it's going to be a very close game. I've seen spreads ranging from 4.5 to 6.5 for the Saints. I'm thinking Saints by 3 tonight. If I'm picking straight up I have to go with the Saints but it will be very close i think.

Definitely not claiming to be as good with NFL picking as I am with OTFL picking though.

I'm not paying for your losses if I'm wrong :)

Posted By: Vinny Vegas

Posted On: Nov 30th, 2009
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RE: Week 9 picks

Ruff Riders ? 18.5 vs Killer Beezzz
Beezzz are in tough this week versus an angry Riders team who suffered their 2nd lost of the season last week.

Sun Devils + 4.5 vs Rogues GAME OF THE WEEK 1(A)
Should be a close battle between these two A opponents. I?ll give the edge the Rogues in this one.

Bulldogs ? 7.5 vs Westney FC
Bulldogs remind me very much of last year?s Lancers ? decent one week, awful the next. They shouldn?t have a problem moving the ball against WFC.

Hawks -3.5 vs Bucaneers
This will be a close match up. Don?t expect the scoreboard to light up as both D?s (or lack of O) will shine in this one.

Buckeyes -4 vs Lancers GAME OF THE WEEK 1(B)
This one should be an exciting contest. Buckeyes proved they can score without TJ but the Lancers are riding high with a win against the Riders and a provincial championship. Still got to take the Buckeyes as experience may prevail in this one.

Buckeyes -8.5 vs All Blacks
The All Blacks have had a tough time in the standings this season, and will be in tough against a hungry Buckeyes team looking to prove they can do it without their #1 weapon.

All Blacks +1.5 vs Lancers
I predict this one will go to the wire. These two teams match up nicely and should be fun to watch.

Hounds +3 vs Raiders
Well the Raiders have struggled a bit, but so have the Hounds. Neither team has been very consistent this year but I think the Raiders will be able to move the ball much more efficiently than the Hounds.

Posted By: JA

Posted On: Nov 30th, 2009
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RE: Week 9 picks

o.k. here we go against the spreads.

always so tough to pick games with huge spreads. 18.5 sounds like a lot of points but it's really only 3 scores. This is a great spread I have to say. I'll go with the Ruff Rides to cover.

With the Sun Devils getting 4.5 points I'll have to take them to at least cover. Should be a really close game.

Bulldogs have a really good team (for the "C" division) I see them taking it to WFC and easily covering the 7.5 points.

I can definitely see the Hawks Bucs game coming down to wire with the same number of scores for each team so give me the Buccaneers to cover.

Easy pick on this one even if the Lancers don't win they will definitely not lose by 4. This will be a great game that I see the Lancers winning outright.

I'll take the points in this one. GIve me the All Blacks to lose but cover the 8.5

Another easy Lancers pick (And no I do not play for the Lancers :)) As they should run away with this one fairly easily.

Finally give me the Hounds as although I can see the Hounds winning big I can't see them losing big in this one.

If you need a 3 pick for your proline I'm saying Bulldogs, Lancers, Lancers


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