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Posted By: Buzz KB #00

Posted On: Nov 30th, 2009
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Provincials update

Wind, Wind and more wind in Bellville, Jay, Rich and I can all tell you that Saturday was the windiest day to throw and the ball had a mind of its own, it was brutal.

Firstly Congrats goes out to the Lancers for winning their 1st ever Provincial CC Championship defeated the Boilermakers and also having a easy semi (lol) to get to the finals.As the Lancers lost to the Boilermakers in round robin Saturday it was a sweet win to win the cup. Way to go guys.

On the Beezzz front not as good as the Beezzz lost to th Lancers 25-12 and then lost 15-7 to the Boliermakers Saturday. Sunday qrts seen us go up against the Miss Punishers and in the 1st qrt punsihers had the lead 12-0, but the Beezzz battled back in the 3rd to take a 14-12. The D came up BIG on alot of downs allowing the Beezzz O to succeed. Later in the 4th the Punishers scored again to take the lead, with 3 minutes left Beezz drove down to Punishers 5 yard line with 2 plays left, with a throw into the end zone, one of our receivers dropped the rock for the winning score, last play ball was thrown and just fell short. Considering we were down by 2 scores and came back was a great accomplishment and overall we were all satisfied with our play.

Onward and upward for Nationals, looking forward to it.

KB #00

Posted By: jay8

Posted On: Nov 30th, 2009
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RE: Provincials update

Hey Buzz
Always fun when we meet up and it was the quarters not semis loll.Lancers great weekend fun on and off the field.

Lancer 8

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