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Posted By: Scott

Posted On: Nov 30th, 2009
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All Star Game Recap

Hey guys,

So in the first annual OTFL All Star game the Grey team defeated the Blue team 19 - 18. It was a great game with the Grey team jumping out to a two touchdown lead in the first half and the Blue team battling back in the second half to pull within one point with 1 play remaining. In true All Star fashion the Blue team went for 2 points and the win on the convert but just missed.

Players of the game for the Grey team were Adam Balan (2 tds), Brandon Pottle (1 td and numerous big plays), Drew Walker (1 Int), Steve Correa (1 int), Travis Hill (1 pt) and Mike Stoter (1 sack).

Players of the game for the Blue team were Travis Thomas (1 td), Shad Ross (1 td and a big play to set up the near go ahead td), Andrew Ping Pong (1 td), Rob wilson (int) and Mike Rafuse who battled his team back in the second half.

I would like to extend a big thank you to all the players who agreed to play in the game and I hope everyong had a great time. As always the Executive is always looking for ways to make the league better and so we would love to hear any thoughts you have on improvement.

For the Skills competition Richie Allen is the league's fastest man. Putting up a 40 time of 4.66 (as official as me counting out 40 yards with my steps and timing with a stopwatch can be). Chris Tyler just beat out Brandon Pottle for the strongest Arm in the League (Both guys throwing over 60 yards). And Buzz and Rafuse had an epic battle going 4 rounds for the most accurate passer. In the end Rafuse won it.

A huge thank you to Wild Wing Oshawa for making this event possible. Come on guys lets show our support by heading back there after our games.



Posted By: guy

Posted On: Nov 30th, 2009
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RE: All Star Game Recap

who does richie allen play for?

Posted By: Stats Man

Posted On: Nov 30th, 2009
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RE: All Star Game Recap

He plays for the KILLER BEZZZZZ. YAAAA.

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