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Posted By: geoffj23

Posted On: Jul 14th, 2010
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Missing Score Card

Hi Guy's

Are you missing a score card for our team? (Ruff Riders) I noticed the points attributed to each player on our team do not add up to our point total.

Also, our GP#s are too low. I know I have attended every game this year (3), and you have me down for 2.

I think the game in question was the one against the Rogues, but if I remember correctly we wrote our information on the back of the Rogue's card.


Posted By: Scott

Posted On: Jul 15th, 2010
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RE: Missing Score Card

Hey Geoff,

Yeah the scorecards from Donevan went missing that week.

If you can email me at oshawafootball@gmail.com any stats (TD's, sacks, INTs) and/or players that were in attendance that you can remember from that game it would really help me out a lot.



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