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Posted By: Inquiring Mind

Posted On: Jun 17th, 2010
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Week 1 Stats

just wondering when the stats will be up for week 1? It's now Thursday and still nothing.

Posted By: Brett

Posted On: Jun 17th, 2010
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RE: Week 1 Stats

i don't understand the need for the stats to be posted,so quickly, as long as the scores (W/L) are in what is the big deal???? To me the team wins or losses is what really matters. Whomever posts the stats i'm sure has another job & i'm positive they'll get around to it as soon as possible

Just my 2 cents!!!

Posted By: My 3 cents

Posted On: Jun 17th, 2010
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RE: Week 1 Stats

Here Here, lets give the Stats man / women a chance to calculate the numbers, plus we need to realize that all the game cards are not always handed in on time as we are all at different fields.

So lets take a Chill Pill and if you are sooo horny to see the results posted so soon maybe you should Volunterr for the job.

My 3 cents

Posted By: Andy

Posted On: Jun 17th, 2010
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RE: Week 1 Stats

The OTFL is always happy to take in new volunteers.

Thank you for the tid bits gentleman. While the stats are an interesting feature of the OTFL, it is always tough at the start of the season getting the stats in order, as well as with more teams than ever. We appreciated that you are visiting our site, and are inquiring about it, thats great! But do recognize that this will be ratified as the season progresses. Stats are great, but getting the Win is much better!


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