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Posted By: Andy OTFL

Posted On: Apr 27th, 2010
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Former OTFL Player wins CIS Athlete of the Year

Congrats to Eric Glavic, former OTFL player on being named the CIS male athlete of the year!

Here's the link to the story.


Posted By: Buzz # 00

Posted On: Apr 27th, 2010
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RE: Former OTFL Player wins CIS Athlete of the Year

Congrats to Erik as he is a force to be reckin with. He has come a long way just as his other siblings Marko and Sasha Glavic. Presently the other brothers are playing over in Europe for the Team Switzerland squad and again have another shot at the Euro Bowl, which Marko QB'd and won in 2008 with Austria.

Lets see how the CFL will treat Erik as Marko went overseas to play Pro instead of a CFL squad picking him up. The question isn't the person but the position of QB. Canadian QB's never get fair shot and if they do its back up or go to slotback.

As Sasha Galvic played already in the CFL for Hamilton and Saskatchewan but he's a DB and not a QB. So there is an example of how the CFL works.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge supporter to the CFL but its time that a Canadian College baller like Erik needs to break this stereo type.

I have had the honour of playing with all the Glavics (Rogues 04-08)and in my eyes they all deserve to be placed on a CFL squad regardless.

Best of luck to all the Glavics and way to represent guys.

KB # 00
(Rogue Alum)

Posted By: Dr. Von Nostren

Posted On: Apr 29th, 2010
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RE: Former OTFL Player wins CIS Athlete of the Year

OTFL members,

Please welcome back Buzz to the real world after several long and trying weeks of psychological evaluations.

As you all can see, he is once again Buzz, the "Real" Buzz whom you've all come to love over the years.

Keep up the good work and I'll see you in my office next week.

Dr. VN

Posted By: CFLer

Posted On: Apr 29th, 2010
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RE: Former OTFL Player wins CIS Athlete of the Year

Sorry Buzz, but Erik really isn't that good. In my opinion he was no better than the 4th best QB in the country last year behind Brannigan, Faulds, and Laval's QB (can't remember his name). I would say that Marko is much better than Erik, and he didn't even get a sniff in the CFL. I would love nothing more than to see a Canadina QB in the CFL, but if Dan Feraday, Jamie Bone, Bill Kubas, Larry Jusdanis, and Tommy Dennison didn't make it, there is no way in the world Erik will. His arm just is not up to CFL standards. He dominates the CIS because of his ability to run around and buy time for himself (a la Chris Flynn), but the defenders in the CFL will catch him. He didn't run a great 40 time at the combine either (much to my surprise Brannigan ran faster), so a possible move to receiver isn't likely either.

Posted By: Buzz KB#00

Posted On: Apr 29th, 2010
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RE: Former OTFL Player wins CIS Athlete of the Year

Dearest CFLer,

Buzz here (the real Buzz, Your Real Footballer and cleared from Dr.Von's authority), listen I agree to disagree. Don't get me wrong the accomplishments of the Flynns and Kubas are very very valid and the only time EYE ever see them play is in TFONT Ball but it just gets my goat that we as CANADIANS never get our breaks.

Its just what does a Canadian baller have to prove to play ball professionally in the CFL and not necessarily at the position that he prevail in?

Yes Erik isn't A potential for a CFL role of QB and YES I totally agree Marko is the better of the two but now we're right back to square one.

My BEEF is this, why not have a Marko QB'ing a CFL squad with Erik as a slot and make this so called CANADIAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE atleast 60-70% CANADIAN? I'm just pissed off that the CFL is so about always being the bottom feeder. UGH! I.E. if a NFLer doesn't make the it BIGtime they are A Class for the CFL which potentially knocks off our 100% CANADIAN Ballers.

Yours in 100% Canadian Ballership.
Buzz # 00

Posted By: CFLer

Posted On: May 3rd, 2010
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RE: Former OTFL Player wins CIS Athlete of the Year

The league will never be 60-70% Canadian. The reason for this is because it will never sell. If it did, you wouldn't be seeing half empty stadiums in the CIS. You and I are different breeds. People (especially in the GTA) really believe that if it isn't accepted in the USA, that it is inferior. Many of the younger players in the OTFL feel this way too. I believe it is a bunch of crap, but buisness is buisness. I personally don't feel that the players in the CFL are rejects. Many of them were better college players than a lot of NFLers, but were spit out of the NFL computer because of lack of size. Believe me when I say this, there are a lot of NFL players that could not play in the CFL.

Back to the main topic though. Do I believe Marko could of played and done well in the CFL? Absolutely. I just don't feel that way about Erik. Great CIS player...just not a CFLer in my opinion.

By the way, I usually don't use an alias on here, but in case this sensitive subject rubs someone the wrong way, I don't feel like getting into a heated argument. We'll talk about this in person Buzz.

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