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Posted By: Game On

Posted On: Apr 13th, 2010
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Early Bird?

Which OTFL teams will be attending the Early Bird Tournament in Burlington?

I assume the Beez will be there in full force. How about the Buckeyes? Rogues?

Posted By: Raf

Posted On: Apr 13th, 2010
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RE: Early Bird?

The Buckeyes are in for:Early Bird,Hamilton,Oshawa,Kingston,Unionville, Kingston. Hopefully Provincials and Nationals too. Other teams going to early bird would be the X-Men and Sundevils.

Posted By: Buzz #00

Posted On: Apr 14th, 2010
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RE: Early Bird?

Beezzz will be doing the full tour, with exception to Ottawa as we are 50/50 as Nationals will be hosted there.

Looks like the OTFL will be representing, Best of luck to all the Squads and the bottom line is win or lose we support each other till the end.

Don't forget about the Lancers as well, they'll be on the tour.

Yours in Football,
Buzz #00

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