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Posted By: Head Recruiter

Posted On: Dec 30th, 2009
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Centre needed

Hey all. We are looking for a centre to play TFONT tourney ball on a top of Tier 2 level team. Let us know if you are interested. The team will play in all tournies except Ottawa.

Please include contact info.


Posted By: best center

Posted On: Dec 31st, 2009
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RE: Centre needed

What is the name of the team and are you playing in Oshawa League?

Posted By: center of attention

Posted On: Dec 31st, 2009
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RE: Centre needed

Buzz is a very good center

Posted By: Head Hunter

Posted On: Jan 4th, 2010
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RE: Centre needed

I heard Chris Taylor from the Rogues is looking to play center next year on a steady TFONT team.

Posted By: Buzz Off !

Posted On: Jan 4th, 2010
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RE: Centre needed

Come on seriously now everyone knows that Buzz retired from the Centre position back with the Rogues in 2007 after winning a couple of titles, even though he was one of the better long snappers around (besides Mark Phillips), not very fast but 2 out of 3 ain't bad regarding the speed of his snap and his hands (ask Sr. Pottle) he'll tell ya...now onto the newer younger faster Centres in 2010.....

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