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Posted By: Killer Beezzz next year

Posted On: Nov 30th, 2008
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Missing You

Buzz, I hope you guys come and join the O.T.F.L. next year. I saw you guys play in the provincials and you have alot of good players on your squad that would be very competitive for the title next year.

Posted By: Bee Counter

Posted On: Nov 30th, 2008
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RE: Missing You

Problem being, 6 Bees are All Blacks and 2 Bees are Lancers. That cuts the Bees squad in half before the season even starts.

Posted By: what if

Posted On: Nov 30th, 2008
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RE: Missing You

Just throwing this out there but what if the remaining bees joined with the Hosers or Crew. Not sure what either of these teams plan on doing next season but i think both of them need a QB and some guys.

Posted By: Buzz DSKB#00

Posted On: Nov 30th, 2008
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RE: Missing You

Thanks for invite, but if the KB?s come aboard in 2010, we?ll probably not have the core players as members of the All Blacks and Lancers already represent in the OTFL which are also existing KB?s, that being Che, Mark Sp, The Changs, Heinz St. Pooh, Allen Szeto and Andrew Yeung which had already been mentioned.

If the Beezzz were to come aboard I wouldn?t ask or expect these KB?s to leave their already established squads. But finding players wouldn?t be an issues as the DSKB Club has a variety of players that also represent the Fall Flag and Indoor squads, so out of the DSKB Army a 16 player roster is very doable.

I?m going to wait till Nationals is complete before any final decisions are made.

But again Thanks for the invite, we?ll keep you posted on the KB?S front?.

Yours in DSKB Football,
# 00

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