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Posted By: OTFL Executive

Posted On: Nov 30th, 2008
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Semi Final Weekend Results

Results from Semi-final weekend. (Sunday Oct. 4th, 2009)

All Blacks over the Buckeyes 14 - 12
Rogues over the Renegades 12 - 6
Raiders over the Hawks 13 - 6
Hounds over the Lancers 14 - 6
Crew over the Hosers 13 - 6

Good job to everyone on a great season so far. Congratulations to the Crew on winning the "C" championship. Well done guys.

Also congratulations to the All Blacks, Rogues, Hounds and Raiders for advancing to their respective championship games. Great performances this week were turned in by all teams as the average point differential for all 5 games was 6 points.

Great seasons turned in by the Buckeyes, Renegades, Hawks, Lancers and Hosers.

Good luck on the 18th to the All Blacks, Rogues, Raiders and Hounds.

Hope to see everyone at Donevan (either on the field or on the sidelines for the championship games). Looks like both games will be great and fun to watch.

Then head over to Wild Wing Oshawa for free beer, wings, fries and ceaser salad. Remember there will be a free pitcher of beer for every 5 players you get out from your team (max 2 free pitchers) and you need seven in attendance to win the $300 discount towards next years league fees. There will also be lots of great door prizes, 50/50 draw and lots of reminiscing of the season that was.

Schedule for Oct. 18th

9:00 am Hounds vs Raiders ("B" Championship)
10:30 am Rogues vs All Blacks ("A" Championship)
1:00 pm Banquet at Wild Wing Oshawa (5 points Mall, cornner of Ritson and Beatrice)

OTFL Executive.

Posted By: Grounds Keeper

Posted On: Nov 30th, 2008
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RE: Semi Final Weekend Results

How come the finals are not being plyed at either Central or Eastdale? Theses are better feilds to play on.

Posted By: spectator

Posted On: Nov 30th, 2008
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RE: Semi Final Weekend Results

I agree Central should be were the championship is, it's a much better field for the finals.

Posted By: Vet

Posted On: Nov 30th, 2008
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RE: Semi Final Weekend Results

Eastdale has always been a good choice becuase the fields are lined this time of year..if that is not available, i would agree Central is next best..

Posted By: Andy

Posted On: Nov 30th, 2008
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RE: Semi Final Weekend Results


A big congrats goes out to the boys from the Crew for your first win in Oshawa! Tough season for ya, but you pulled it out when it mattered in the playoffs!

Congrats Stu, and Dave from the Crew on a job well done.

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