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Posted By: Guest

Posted On: Sep 14th, 2009
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No offense to the crew, but what game did they possibly get a tie? It shows them with 11 losses and 1 tie

Posted By: Crew Member

Posted On: Sep 14th, 2009
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RE: Crew?

can't let us have momentary glory eh? lol, Its just because the executive hasn't updated the score from yesterday yet, still shows 0-0 therefore momentarily we have a tie...really we beat the all blacks LOL

Posted By: kelly

Posted On: Sep 14th, 2009
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RE: Crew?

good doings Crew!! :) I'm sure it was a vicious victory too.. like.. .. 54-7 for you guys.. right?

.. the crew member's response made me laugh.. thankyou.. today is a day everyone in the OTFL executive needs a little chuckle..

Posted By: Crew member

Posted On: Sep 14th, 2009
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RE: Crew?

Well our goal was for the All Blacks not to get 40 and us to get a score. I'm pretty sure they didn't get over 40 and we almost put one in at the end of the game stopped at the 10 yard line on a kick off return couldn't punch it in guess we coulda kicked it for a point... lol or maybe even pulled out the Washington Redskins field goal holder end around for the touch down. lol It was a good game though we still came to play who knows if the Rogues won maybe the All Blacks will wish they didn't have the early game against us... we'll have to await the outcome...

Posted By: Def Ref

Posted On: Sep 14th, 2009
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RE: Crew?

All Blacks stunk it up against Rogues, 3rd play of game was pick 6 for Rogues on a major under throw. All Blacks marched the ball down 3 times to the Rogues 5 yard line and failed to punch it in each time. Two dropped balls in end zone really hurt. Rogues were able to score 3 times by half. All Blacks QB started throwing alot of picks in the 2nd half trying to mix things up. Tough day for them. Rogues looked good as usual.

All Blacks laid off the Crew a bit, starting their back up QB and then rotating in clutch situations. Looked to be trying some new plays and mixing up their offense and defense. Had their back up kicker in all game.

Posted By: Onlooker

Posted On: Sep 14th, 2009
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RE: Crew?

I believe the score was 30 something to nothing for the Rogues.

Posted By: Kelly

Posted On: Sep 14th, 2009
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RE: Crew?

Well, Dawk informed us that he has the Eastdale Scorecards, and will get us the info tonight.

So, I can say for sure the final scores will be inputted within the next 24 hours, however individual stats may be delayed until we actually have the cards in hand.

Good job, Crew, for achieving 1/2 of the goals set:) You guys will pull it together in 2010.. first one is always a lil rough (ok ok.. i dont play football.. but i DID play a lot of other sports so i have a backing for this).

Posted By: whos cares

Posted On: Sep 14th, 2009
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RE: Crew?

Well, sounds about right. This is the usual time in the season that the all blacks qb starts mixing it up with stupid plays. Always has to ruin a good thing. Let me guess the flare out?

Posted By: Giddy Up!

Posted On: Sep 15th, 2009
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RE: Crew?

Does anyone sense a bit of the explayer syndrom here. Or by an chance have you been burned by a flare out or two.

Someone sounds a little Poopie pants!

Giddy Up!

Posted By: who cares

Posted On: Sep 16th, 2009
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RE: Crew?

Ex-player is right. The name is Dwayne Paul.

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