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Posted By: Captain Cock

Posted On: Aug 22nd, 2018
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Weekly picks

Hello OTFL,

I know that I havenít been keeping up with my weekly picks, this being my first of the season, but better late than never.

Before giving out the winning results allow me to say that, personally, I donít think I have ever seen the OTFL with as many competitive teams as this season. Good job to all and especially to Scotty and his crew. Love it.

Here we go.

Goats vs Rivals

This will be a fun game to watch. The Goats are a young and exciting team. They play well on both sides of the ball and have loads of confidence, who jumps up to A after one season?

The Rivals too play hard both ways and are well organized. Stuís become quite the QB/leader and he gets his guys ready to play. Quick receivers and good hands also helps the cause.

Rivals 18-Goats 14

OPC vs Untouchables (UT)

UT have continued last years good form. Being B champions for the first time seems to have given them some oomph. They are very athletic with a QB as solid as they come.

OPC baby! Whoís better? Noooooobody! We know these guys well. The new look UT managed to knock us out of the semifinals last year which sucked. A win here wonít erase that loss but it will make me smile.

OPC 20-18

Trojans vs UT

Trojans seem to be coming on strong. I am not to familiar with them, I missed the one game we played them, but I know they play well from hear say.

UT will be on the backend of a double header. A crushing defeat at the the hands of OPC will have their confidence shattered.

Trojans 26-UT 14

OPC vs Thundercats

Spack at QB! Super Dave catching TDís and INTís! This certainly isnít the Cats from the past. But OPC still is baby!

OPC 26-Cats 24

Cats vs Goats

The Cats Have turned themselves into an elite team. The merge with ASU/Bulldogs has worked very well. They always had athletes but never had someone to lead them. The vets they brought on have done that.

Like mentioned above. The Goats can compete. And they will.

Cats 36-Goats 22

COPS v Rivals

I like the way the cops play. Nothing to flashy but well organized. They have a very athletic QB who make big plays and thatís always dangerous. From what I hear they have had attendance issues. Correct me if Iím wrong. If a full squad shows up things could go their way.

Can the Rivals go 2-0 this Sunday? I think so.

Rivals 20-COPS 12

COPS vs Sharks

I havenít been able to catch much of the Sharks this season but Iíve faced them enough to know what they bring to the table. If theyíre on their game things will be tough for the COPS.

Sharks 16-COPs 8

Rogues vs Trojans

The mighty Rogues keep on keeping on. I notice a 1 in the L column which is different but whatever. No ones unbeatable. Probably pissed them off, which in turn makes them play harder, which is bad news for whoever they face. Good luck Trojans.

Rogues 32-Trojans 18

beez vs Hawks

Ohhh the Hawks. Have you ever had a big red swollen pimple on your inner thigh that hurts like a mother but isnít ready to be popped? You know, the ones that make it painful to walk cause it rubs up against your other inner thigh. Well the Hawks are my inner thigh pimple and I need the Beez to pop it for me so that I can walk pain free. Thatís all I got.

Buzz, Beez, pleeze help me and squeeze the nasty infected puss from my inner thigh.

Was that too much?

2nd half of a 19-19 game starts Sunday.

Beez 16-Hawks 6

Atlas vs Beez

Atlasí record/stats may not show it but I donít think that they are too far off from joining the better teams in the league. Iím a fan of the QB, Iíll introduce myself the next time I see you. Heís got a good arm and is very mobile. He runs the O well and the team overall is organized. These things all lead to improvement. Keep it up.

The Beez have a solid and experienced team. They have their up and downs as most do but the thing I like is that they donít waver. Buzz keeps the guys in check and keeps his composure. Throwing a pick sucks but even more so if you dwell on it and Buzz isnít a dweller. The Beez need to eliminate unnecessary errors to win and I think they will.

Beez 22-Atlas 12

Raiders vs Bullets

1st off, any team that has a coach should be a team to beware of. These guys look like pros out there. Talking strategy before during and after the game. Kind of makes me think weíre all doing something wrong. I watched some of their game vs the Rivals last week. They seem legit.

The Raiders! Watch out whoever plays them cause theyíll be there. Things havenít gone as smooth as last year but donít fret because at some point they bounce back.

Bullets 37-Raiders 0

Raider vs TNP

I havenít seen much of TNP so I canít say much. If I did Iíd be making it up. If someone would care to hype them up please do so.

Raiders 22-TNP 18

What a week to do my first weekly picks of the season. It seems like everyone plays 3 game this week. This took some time to write up, causes me not to catch up on Snowfall. Not to mention the verbal assault bombarded upon me from Mrs. Cock. Easy with the remarks fellas thatís my wife Iím talking about. Anyway, if you disagree with what I have to say letís hear it.

And for those of you who are unaware of my hatred towards the Hawks allow me to say itís all true but only on the field. The feeling is most likely mutual. Love you Scotty.

Posted By: UT

Posted On: Aug 23rd, 2018
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RE: Weekly picks

Captain cock you wonít even score a point against the UNtouchables. Our defence is one of the best in the league.

Posted By: Captain Cock

Posted On: Aug 24th, 2018
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RE: Weekly picks

Are you predicting a shutout? The Cockís always score. We might not win every week but we do manage a score.

Posted By: UT Nation

Posted On: Aug 25th, 2018
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RE: Weekly picks

Itís going to be a blow out.

Posted By: Captain Cock

Posted On: Aug 25th, 2018
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RE: Weekly picks

I always knew that UT were confident but I never took them for cocky. They finally win something and all of a sudden the mouths start chirping. Haha!!! All kidding aside, Iím looking forward to tomorrow. I have a feeling itís going to be a good day.

Posted By: Scott

Posted On: Aug 28th, 2018
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RE: Weekly picks

Sorry CC but it looks like that pimple isn't popping anytime soon. You might want to get it checked out. Maybe you caught something during fiesta week.


Posted By: Buzz

Posted On: Aug 29th, 2018
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RE: Weekly picks


What Scott forgot to mention and just for the record the Beezzz almost had that Hawks of a ZIT popped for you leading up with 1 play left in the game, Beezzzz winning 8-7.

The Hawks on the last play kicked it into the end zone where a KB caught it and attempted to kick it out, but sadly the Football Gods were not looking to us on that day as the ball was shanked to the right and was caught by your HERO Scott.

We all know when a kick is caught in the endzone, this isnt a point BUT A FREAKN TD... in my 30 years of playing ball i have never seen this happen.

But remember boys Regular season is done and the real games are ahead of us... Scott get read to get your ZIT popped !!!

Yours in Football

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