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Posted By: Chris Collinsworth

Posted On: Jul 26th, 2018
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July 29th picks

Quiet message board this week, I will leave my whitby post and give it a shot with Oshawa. Please feel free to disagree and make your own picks for some reading material.

Maxwell (All blow outs at this field):
Cats vs Atlas:
This looks like a blow out. The cats have been blowing out teams all year. Atlas, while athletic, struggle to score and will certainly struggle against the cats stout D. This could get ugly, sorry Atlas.
42-0 Cats

Cats vs Raiders:
Coming off a double header, the weather may be a factor for the cats here if il fait chaud. Raiders have looked like, well, the raiders. Inconsistent, plenty of talent with Cole the reigning mvp leading the charge. The cats are still too strong here and raiders are outmatched.
30-8 Cats.

Rogues vs Sharks (It is shark week!)
A ton of talent of both sides of the ball here for both teams. Rogues are still the class of the league despite what the bullets think. Sharks have the athletes to hold this game closer than one may think. The rogues may take it easy on the Sharks with empathy during Shark week. Rogues still coast.
42-20. Rogues

Henry (more interesting games here)

Rivals vs UT
Maybe the game of the week in the preseason, however the Rivals are showing a championship hangover and are not the same team as last year as they struggle to score on O. Their D is still strong. UT are firing on all cylinders lately with some new additions to the roster and they do not have a double header and need this divisional game.
28-18 UT.

Rivals vs Trojans
Tough break for the Rivals with another A division matchup up. Trojans have not looked strong this year yet and are bound to break out of their slump with athletes all over the place. interesting matchup as the Trojans D is not as strong and it could be what the rivals need to break out of a scoring slump and give them some confidence. A close game here.
24-22 Rivals.

Trojans vs Billy goats.
Rematch of their thrilling 6-0 game earlier this year....Another A division double header, this one for the Trojans. Billygoats are a bit of an enigma this year beating weaker teams and not hanging with the big boys. Billygoats have speed and talent, but do they have confidence on O to score consistently? Trojans wake up and use their tournament experience to finally get a statement win.
30-12 Trojans.

Bullets vs Billygoats
Tough draw for the goats here, if the Bullets have a full roster they are tough to beat. Mallen is an assassin when he shows up. Rough week last time out for the bullets with 2 losses. Goats get the short end of the stick as the Bullets are out to prove they are who we thought they were!
Bullets roll
38-14 Bullets

Hawks vs TNP
Both teams are kicking up dust this year and struggling to find their mojo. TNP has a surprisingly good offense and QB, but struggle mightily on D. That being said, the Hawks are looking discouraged as well on both sides of the ball and need a statement win here over a weaker B team. This will be a close one assuming both teams are in attendance.
20-18 TNP

TNP vs COPS (not police officers, contrary to what one may think)
Cops are having attendance issues weekly. With a full squad they can hang with anyone. A lame legged QB does not help as otherwise one of the best athletes in the league at the helm for the Cops. This should be a blow out for the Cops but I do not have faith in their attendance. TNP needs to disguise their D otherwise this may be a blowout.
28-24 COPS

Perhaps one of the best matchups of the day if the COPS would have the clarkins attend. OPC has looked strong this year with statement blowouts as well as keeping the bullets in check in week 1. OPC have the experience and talent as usual but they are disheartened with the outcome of the world cup and the lack of FGs in this league. This game depends on the COPs attendance. With attendance Id take the cops, however that wont happen. OPC win big.
36-14 OPC

Have a good week. Make more picks. I am a rookie at these picks. We need more informed individuals taking this on.

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