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Posted By: Jimmy the Greek

Posted On: Jul 11th, 2018
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Predictions 4 this week at Maxwell

Predictions 4 this week at Maxwell Heights

So far the games have either been blow outs or close matches no teams being named here.

With that said onto this weeks schedule and presdictions

Hawks vs Atlas
Atlas young, fast but still need the experience to make them stronger
Chicken Hawks have experience, good football sense, but need to be more consistent on both sides of the ball
Prediction Hawks 13 Atlas 12

Hawks vs Killer Beezzz
Hawks will be all warmed up and ready to swat the KBs away but don't count them out as they seem to be on a winning streak and we'll see if the QB vet Buzz will break out some old school plays
Look for our President to have a good game as he is now know as the Terminator in other leagues
Should be a good contest regardless
Prediction Hawks 18 KBs 19

OPC vs Killer Beezzz
WAIT why is the OPC squad playing on this day isn't their first love of Soccer being played on this day
We think that OPCs minds will be elsewhere when they go in to play the Beezzzz
Hopefully KB's can catch them off guard on triple moves and HB plays to score
Prediction OPC 14 KB 16

Raiders vs Rivals
In the last match of the day at Maxwell look for the Raiders to bounce back from last weeks loss and to also hope to have their colt of a player Cole Lafoy
Rivals looked good last week in their double header but they cant let up
Prediction Rivals 24 Raiders 16

Anyone want to step up and give their forecast for the games at Henry St go right ahead

Good Luck to all the Teams on any give Sunday

Posted By: Sad Englishman

Posted On: Jul 11th, 2018
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RE: Predictions 4 this week at Maxwell

That reads a lot like a Chris Collinsworth prediction. Thundercats QB gets sacked at least once at a Henry.

Posted By: 420OTFLVET

Posted On: Jul 12th, 2018
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RE: Predictions 4 this week at Maxwell

Being an OTFL vet I will give this a shot
Game1 Hawks vs Atlas
I haven't seen the Hawks play this year but it looks like there veteran roster with some new guys both teams must look at this game as a must win Atlas has looked better thus year but being a vet i always like experience over youth so give me the Hawks but I wouldn't b shocked if Atlas wins

Game2 Hawks vs Beez
I have a feeling this game may be close for a qtr or half but in the end I think the Beez r much stronger at the qb postion and on D so for that reason I give it to the Beez in a not so close game

Game3 Beez vs OPC
Again I haven't seen OPC play this season but I guess it's there same squad as always This should b a good game for both teams the Beez will have to capitalize on any mistake OPC has to win this game OPC will have try n use there best weapons to pull this out
But again I am going with experience at the Qb postion so give me the Beez in a close game

Game 4
Rivals vs Raiders
Raiders r gonna need a strong game from Cole n Dave St Louis to have a chance in this 1 Rivals r starting to click n i think they r looking to use this game as chance to lay a beating on a lower rank team after a tuff starting schedule if the Raiders can withstand the 1st couple drives n keep it close in the 4th qtr they might have a shot especially if Cole is on his game
But i still think Rivals will win

I will predict the other games later on

Posted By: 420OTFLVET

Posted On: Jul 14th, 2018
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RE: Predictions 4 this week at Maxwell

Henry south
Game1 Cops vs Thundercats

Posted By: 420OTFLVET

Posted On: Jul 14th, 2018
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RE: Predictions 4 this week at Maxwell

Henry South
Game1 Thundercats vs Cops

I don't think this will be much of a contest the Thundercats seem to b steamrolling through teams so far I really wanna see the Cops when but I am gonna pick the Cats

Game 2 Thundercats vs Trojans

Finally the Thundercats play a tough team n hopefully the Trojans whip them n put them in there place the Cats haven't played anybody strong this season so this should b a test for them picking the Trojans to win

Game 3 Trojans vs Sharks

Trojans win this game easily

Game 4 Trojans vs Billygoats

This should b a good game between a veteran tournament team and young n upcoming team with a few tournment players on it as well
But in the end I think the Trojans have to much talent n experience n will end up winning this game although I want to see the Goats win this its gonna b hard to pick against the Trojans who end the day with 3 wins

Posted By: 420OTFLVET

Posted On: Jul 15th, 2018
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RE: Predictions 4 this week at Maxwell

Henry Street North
Game 1 Bullets vs Untouchables

Defentily has potential to be the game of the day Bullets have looked very good so far in there 1st season in OTFL this will b close game if the Untouchables can contain the Bullets Qb n they have rushers that can so for that reason it will b a very close game n the Bullets r gonna walk away with the W

Game 2 Bullets vs Rogues

Since the Bullets handed the Rogues there 1st loss in years the Rogues r gonna b looking for revenge n they will get it this week it should b close but the Rogues will control the game n walk away with a win

Game 3 Rogues vs TNP

Rogues win

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