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Posted By: Player

Posted On: Jun 24th, 2018
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Weekly Predictions?

Really missing those weekly predictions

Posted By: Tons of games this week!

Posted On: Jun 27th, 2018
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RE: Weekly Predictions?

Thundercats v Hawks: Cats win a blowout if they play like week 1
Thundercats v TNP: Cats win another blowout
TNP v OPC: TNP takes this one in a close game
Atlas vs COPS: Cops win a low scoring game
Raiders v Killer Beezzz: Raiders win a close game
Billy Goats v Rivals: Even if the Rivals have their full team, The Goats win this one
Billy Goats v Sharks: Billy Goats blow out a Sharks team that seems to be regressing every year
Untouchables v Rogues: Rogues win a game that ends up being closer than they would like
Trojans v Rogues: Rogues win another close game
Trojans v Bullets: Bullets win
Rivals v Bullets: Bullets blow out the Rivals

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