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Posted By: Bullets OTFL 2018

Posted On: Jun 19th, 2018
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New Sheriff in Town

Just to let everyone know theres a new sheriff in town. This is the Bullets first year in the OTFL and just pulled a major upset against the CHAMPion for like seems forever Rogues Nation. Final score 33-27. Even in the OTFL tournament the Rogues/Killerinstict looked to struggle against the BUllets and even the young guns Billy Goats. It looks to be a interesting year in the A Division as the powerhouse Trojans will have their QB playing for them in OTFL play and the Untouchables are 3-0 so far.

Cheers Everyone

Posted By: Scott

Posted On: Jun 19th, 2018
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RE: New Sheriff in Town

Still a little early to be making any claims of a new sheriff but I do agree that it should be a very competitive season.

Bullets and Untouchables are both off to very impressive starts. Rogues will always be the team beat until they are beaten. Trojans haven't played yet but should be very solid especially if their Tournament QB is committed. Billy Goats are young and improving and their new QB looked really good in the tournament. Rivals have struggled but if last season is any indication they are still a team that no one should take lightly. Also in the B division Thundercats looked really good in week 1 and if baby Raf can heal up the COPS are also going to be tough to beat. OPC played right with the bullets (albeit with Chad on the sideline for the Bullets).

Should be a great season.

Posted By: Darts

Posted On: Jun 20th, 2018
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RE: New Sheriff in Town

Put your money where your mouth is. Rogues win the league.

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