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Posted By: OTFL Super Fan

Posted On: Sep 17th, 2017
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I got up nice and early hit the Tims for this mini tournament playoff round.
Sadly cause this pool for some reason was stuck with an extra team, which resulted in a 3 game B round robin, we will call this the survival pool.

OPC vs Killer Beessss
Special Teams hick up to start the game when an attempted tag was missed and OPC took it in for the score early.
Bees battled back and made it a 21 22 lead for the Cocks
Bees attempted last play to do the old catch and kick, when the kick went into the end zone for the point to tie, BUT this wasn't allowed as Bees didn't give 5 yards. Otherwise it would have gone to OT and my money was on the Beess to win.

OPC vs Billy Goats
No contest, Cocks loss 30 7 Cocks must have been gassed from the game before as there was no positive outcomes to report.

Billy Goats vs Beesssss
Students vs the Teachers in this match. last time these two teams met, it came down to the last play of the game for the Bees to score, BUT the winning TD was dropped in the endzone to win.
Today basically was a carbon copy, as the Beess took an early lead but ended up being down in the 4th quarter. Bees battled back with the score being 14-12 leaving 1 last play for the QB to try and throw a Hail Mary which resulted in no completion.

Billy Goats 1st 2 0
Cocks 1 1
Beesss 0 2

Rumor has it that the OPC Club are getting a free months membership for Anger Management compliments of the OTFL Benefits program to work on their E.L.E. Everybody Love Everybody skills hosted by Tony Roberts. Good luck with that going into the next round....

Billy Goats look to have their eyes on the prize...and Boys watch the clock in the huddle, no time for textn, Instagram or Facebook....Concentrate on your roles...

And the Beeesss are out as they got stung with a -3 points on the day losing in both contests 19 18 and 14 12........

Good Luck to all the rest of the Clubs and we are looking forward to watching next week..

Posted By: Captain Cock

Posted On: Sep 17th, 2017
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RE: Eastdale

No anger management needed my friend. A loss is a loss and we've been through many, but when threats and racial slurs are being thrown towards you things must be said/done.

Posted By: Hashtag

Posted On: Sep 17th, 2017
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RE: Eastdale


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