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Posted By: OTFL

Posted On: Aug 24th, 2017
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Power rankings

Power Rankings

1 Rogues
2 Trojans
3 Rivals
6 UNtouchables
7 Billygoats
8 Cops
9 Sharks
10 Raiders & Killerbeezz
12 Ruff Ryder's
13 Thundercats
14 Hawks
15 Atlas
16 Roughnecks
17 TNT

Posted By: The Commish

Posted On: Aug 25th, 2017
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RE: Power rankings

ASU should be #2

Posted By: Rival nation

Posted On: Aug 25th, 2017
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RE: Power rankings

Then why did the Rivals crush ASU?

Posted By: To the point

Posted On: Aug 30th, 2017
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RE: Power rankings

Rivals still can't handle Rogues and have a hard time with the Trojans so as far as anyone's concerned they're all playing for 2nd place anyway. The only question that remains in the A Division is who has the best shot in a Final?

Unless we all just want to keep reading the nonstop B Division banter.....

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