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Posted By: B division #1

Posted On: Aug 19th, 2017
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Maxwell games of the week

Killers Beezzz 4-3-1
UNtouchables 4-2-0
Billygoats 4-3-0
Sharks. 3-4-1

Game 3 12pm Maxwell
UNtouchables vs Billygoats

The Billygoats have been bringing the juice every week to the field, they know how important these two games are this week. With rookie QB Kyle Shaw they will be unstoppable as the nerves will be gone because they have had 7 games together. With veteran linebacker Heinz Storm calling the defence and having a young athletic defence behind him the UNtouchables will not stand a chance and drop to a record of 5-3 after Sunday.
Billygoats 24-12 UNtouchables

Game 4 1:30pm
Billygoats vs Killerbeezz

The young Billygoats will head into the second game with the juice flowing and be ball hawking the Killerbeezz all day as veteran QB Buzz Bezzant will not be able to move the ball. On the other side of the ball will be a strong test for Kyle Shaw to beat the Killerbeezz best player Josh Devine at rush. In the end the Billygoats will take the division this weekend and the Killerbeez will move to 3rd place.
Billygoats 21-6 Killerbeezzz

Posted By: Luc S

Posted On: Aug 20th, 2017
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