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Posted By: Drug inspector

Posted On: Aug 15th, 2017
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Substance abuse

I would like to get Cole Lafoy tested for drugs because 11 INTs with 3 games left is just insane!! Haha jk thats amazing good job Cole, most ive seen. Whats the record?!

Posted By: Guy

Posted On: Aug 16th, 2017
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RE: Substance abuse

Picking on lower tier teams only ...

Posted By: New guy

Posted On: Aug 16th, 2017
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RE: Substance abuse

From what I know it's in the 23-24 range, that's going back over 20 years though, not sure if it's more than that now.

Posted By: Raider 17

Posted On: Aug 16th, 2017
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RE: Substance abuse

The OTFL kept only the top ten players stats in each category in 1979 and started keeping every players stats from 1980.
Most interceptions in one year is held by Guy Pilon of the 1987 Falcons ( 23 ). Second on the list in the last 37 years
is Rich Lafoy ( 22 )1982 . Seems the apple didn't fall from the tree. One must factor in that back in the day you could
play 14 to 16 regular season games and rarely would there be any divisions. You played every team in the league at least

Posted By: Falcons

Posted On: Aug 17th, 2017
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RE: Substance abuse

Guy and some of the old Falcons will be at the Raiders/Killer Beez game next weekend to say hi from my understanding.


Posted On: Aug 17th, 2017
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RE: Substance abuse

Cole is not a good player he is a GREAT player. Played with him in younger days and man how much he improves is awesome to watch. Not his fault he plays for raiders with his dad. He is without a doubt an A player no question about it. Don't let em throw dirt on ur name bro keep grinding your best days are ahead of you

Posted By: Raider 37

Posted On: Aug 18th, 2017
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RE: Substance abuse

Cole steals INT's from his teammates.

Posted By: Onlooker

Posted On: Aug 20th, 2017
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RE: Substance abuse

I agree, Cole does steal into. from his own teammates to up his stats.

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