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Posted By: MoneyBall

Posted On: Jul 4th, 2017
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Predictions for July 9th?

Predictions for July 9th?



Posted By: Captain Cock

Posted On: Jul 4th, 2017
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RE: Predictions for July 9th?

Hello OTFL,

Hawks vs OPC

I'm personally looking forward to this match up. Last year OPC were eliminated by these bums. Then these bums went on to win the B division. Different year, different teams, different story. Let's get things back to how they used to be.

OPC win

Atlas vs Thundercats

I don't know too much about Atlas but I've been told they go hard. The Thundercats had a rough go last week against the mighty OPC, not sure what happened against the COPS, so they're looking to get things right. And I think they will.

Cats win by 2 scores

Untouchables  vs Roughnecks

I was able to catch the final few plays of the roughneck/raiders game but not enough to gain any knowledge of how they play. I do know that an experienced raiders team had a solid lead after half a game. I'm thinking an experienced and athletic untouchables team will manage to do the same.

Untouchables win by 3 scores

Sharks vs Rogues

Two veteran teams going head to head. Not too sure if the loss of AJ has hurt the Sharks but I do know that they have a bunch of good players and will do what they must to win. Rogues are solid as we all know. What happened in the preseason tournament? Had to ask, I think their last loss was 3 years ago.

Rogues by 2 scores

Trojans vs Rogues

Well looky looky. from what I know, the
Trojans are a very talented tournament team. They managed to turn heads after beating the rogues in the A final of the preseason tournament and I'm sure they are looking turn heads once again. On the other hand, I'm sure the rogues are looking to beat their ass'. Personally I don't see the rogues losing twice in the span of a month.

Rogues in a tight one.

Trojans vs Ruff Ryderz 

If the ruff Ryderz are looking to upset this may be the week to do it. The Trojans will be coming off of a tough game and may be weakened both physically and emotionally. An error free Sunday just might give the ryderz what they seek.

Trojans by 5

Killer Beezzz vs Rivals

Two good teams going at it here. I'm pretty sure there are some old Rivals on the beeeezzz so there will be no surprises in this game. OPC faced off against the beeezzz in week 1. They looked good. A few drops which would have been td's kept the game close. They can't afford those drops this week. Rivals have established themselves as top team with consistent play year after year. But I have to put my faith in the gun slinging bills fan they call Buzz!

Killers by 2.... Go Bills!

Billy Goats bs raiders

The goats are looking to get that first win of the season. They are up against a solid raiders team that prey on inexperience. Pay attention goats cause they'll teach you a few tricks.

Raiders by a score


I have no knowledge whatsoever on these two teams. I only blame myself. Let me take TNT by 4.

Good luck to all.

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