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Posted By: yikes

Posted On: Jun 24th, 2017
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Week 3

Hawks v Atlas
Hawks haven't been able to put up a lot of points in the first two games this year. Atlas managed to put up 14 on a raiders squad that is better than the Hawks. I'm looking for Atlas to put one in the win column.


Untouchables v Sharks
Toss up game. Sharks looked good week one, but dropped a goose egg week 2. Based on a common team, I have to go with the Sharks who lost by a little less to the Rivals.


Roughnecks v Raiders
Roughnecks will have a tough time this week against a solid Raiders squad. I don't see the new team win able to keep up.


Thundercats v OPC
Thundercats open their doubleheader against a tough OPC squad. OPC split their games last week and just might be too much for the cats. If the cats play to their potential, I see this being a good one.

Thundercats v COPS
COPS almost pulled the upset last week. They've shown they know how to put points up. They get another team on the back end of a doubleheader this week and I think they'll be able to capitalize this time around.


Posted By: Fan

Posted On: Jun 27th, 2017
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RE: Week 3

Anyone have the scores of the games by chance?

Posted By: Fan 590 update

Posted On: Jun 27th, 2017
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RE: Week 3

Untouchables squeaked by sharks.

Hawks beat atlas.

Raisers were up big on roughnecks. Games was called and rewarded to raiders once thunder and lighting struck.

OPC won big time bs thunder cats.

Thunder cats vs COPS????

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