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Posted By: MoneyBall

Posted On: Jun 15th, 2017
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Predictions for Week 2

OTFL Predictions for Week 2

Anyone, Anyone

Posted By: yikes

Posted On: Jun 16th, 2017
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RE: Predictions for Week 2

Well, I'll throw some in here. Difficult to predict since the season is so young, but let's see what we can do.


Rivals v Sharks
The Rivals had a pretty convincing win over the Untouchables last week. Seems they are in pretty good shape to have another good year. The Sharks had a pretty good kickoff to the season as well, however, taking care of business against a newcomer. While it could be a good game, I have to stick with the Rivals this week.


Rivals v Rogues
Tough game to play back to back for the Rivals. Not much to say in this one, the Rogues are going to do what they do best.


ASU v Rogues
Interesting. The Rogues might be a little worn down from their previous game coming in to play a team that won their double headers last week. ASU looked pretty good last week. The Rogues always seem to find a way to win. While ASU will give them a good run, I'm going to stick with the Rogues.


ASU v Ruff Ryderz
ASU is going to give it all they've got in the first game giving the Ruff Ryderz a chance for an upset. ASU dealt with this last week and came out on top. I think they can pull this one out.



OPC v Billy Goats
Another interesting game. OPC is always a tough game, but the Billy Goats played well against the Rogues last week. For that reason, I'm going to give it to them in a good game.


OPC v Trojans
OPC always plays to their competition and if they lose the first game, they're going to be hungry. Another good game between a couple of good teams. I just can't see this being OPC's week.


COPS v Trojans
Another team that will try to take advantage of a team on the back half of the double header. I really don't know a whole lot about this new COPS team. They gave ASU a good run last week, but I think they'll be faced with a similar result.


Hawks v Roughnecks
Tight loss for the Hawks last week is going to fuel a clean, convincing win over a new team. Roughnecks simply won't be able to handle the experience.



Killer Beezzz v Atlas
Signs of improvement for Atlas who have a year of tough experience under their belt. Killer Beezzz have some guys with a little more, however. Atlas is getting off to a tough start this season.


Thundercats v TNT
First of all, good for the women getting out there and handling business. It's really fun to watch. Tough loss for them last week, but I can see them only getting better from here. Thundercats had a tight win over that Hawks team and have some athletes, though. I have to go with them on this one.


Raiders v TNT
Tough double header for the ladies as they have to play a Raiders team with heaps of experience. I have to go with experience on this one.


Posted By: New Guy

Posted On: Jun 16th, 2017
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RE: Predictions for Week 2

RIVALS v Sharks
ROGUES v Rivals
ASU v Rogues
ASU v Ruff Ryders
Opc v Billy Goats
HAWKS v Roughnecks
TNT v Raiders

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