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Posted By: New Teams

Posted On: Jun 11th
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New Teams

Just wanted to see if any new teams came out and surprised anyone? And what were the scores in all the games??

Posted By: Fan

Posted On: Jun 12th
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RE: New Teams

The cats beat the hawks 7-2, came right down to the last play. can't wait to see them play again

Posted By: Vetoftheotfl

Posted On: Jun 12th
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RE: New Teams

Killer Beezzz 13
Opc 9
Only score for Opc was a pick 6 in tha 1st half n 2pt convert n a single point from a kickoff Beezzz moved tha ball but missed a couple chances in the red zone to put tha game away
Rogues beat tha Billy Goats not sure of tha score but it was close for awhile missed opportunities for both teams Billy Goats will b solid if they can stick it out for a season together to get some experience

Posted By: Lingerie football

Posted On: Jun 13th
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RE: New Teams

The women were up 6-0 but lost to the Roughnecks 2 touchdowns to 1.
Raiders aprox. 22 Atlas 14, something like that.

Posted By: Fan

Posted On: Jun 14th
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RE: New Teams

guess the updating of scores is based on the players and teams updating everyone, haha
ASU won both their games against the Trojan and COPS by a TD I believe

Posted By: COPS Raf

Posted On: Jun 14th
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RE: New Teams

Score was 28-20 for ASU

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