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Posted By: Scott

Posted On: Nov 30th, 2016
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2017 Season Structure

Hi all,

This offseason was unprecedented as we added 7 new teams to the league. That brought our total number of teams up to 17. At the team rep meeting we discussed at length the best way to set up the league this season. Thanks to some innovative thinking by Scott Bird and Kelly we came up with the idea of separating the league into 2 conferences and then within those conference 3 divisions. This allowed all teams to play in their preferred division and kept the separation of elite teams from the recreational teams.

Here are how the conferences and divisions break down (I'm open to ideas for conference names):

Conf 1
A-> Rogues, Rivals
B-> Sharks, Billy Goats, Killer Beezzz, Untouchables
C-> Atlas, Roughnecks, Raiders

Conf 2
A-> Trojans, ASU
B-> OPC, COPS, Ruff Ryderz
C-> Thundercats, TNT, Hawks

A teams will play all the other A teams and then also the B teams in their conference
B teams will play all the other teams in their conference and all the B teams in the other conference
C teams will play all the other C teams and then also the B teams in their conference

A division - Winner of 2nd in A vs first in B (cross conference) play in game plus top two teams in A
B division - top two teams of Round Robin of 3 middle teams in B divisions + 2 losers of A vs B cross conference play in game
C division - top team from each C division and bottom team from each B division
D division - bottom two from each C division

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