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Posted By: Spectator

Posted On: Aug 9th, 2009
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I dont know if its me being a spectator or not but the Renegades seem like the class of the league..all there players are very fast and they finally seem to have some cohesiveness amongest them..My pick is for the Renegades to take the A class what are ur opinions

Posted By: Kelly

Posted On: Aug 9th, 2009
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RE: Renegades

I think its a tough call.. the top teams all have amazing athletes.. and great 'team' skills.. so I think the final game will be a close one... and definitely a nail biter.

But I do agree that the Renegades have a great fighting chance..

Posted By: Def Ref

Posted On: Aug 9th, 2009
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RE: Renegades

This is funny ... since all the teams with players that the Renegades would have to beat are in the Unionville Tournament and probably still at the beer tent. Rogues win, X-men win (Buckeyes), Killer Bees "B" semi-final(All Blacks).

Sounds like shameless self promotion. Tsk tsk!

Posted By: class?

Posted On: Aug 10th, 2009
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RE: Renegades

Not sure about this as they ran the score up against the crew today insisting to throw to there top guys with a 4 score lead ... and arguing over a single point... class not likely

Posted By: History Repeats Itself

Posted On: Aug 10th, 2009
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RE: Renegades

Newbies desperate for attention and recognition with the team killer at the helm. The cycle continues. Poor Seabiscuit.

Posted By: are you kidding me?

Posted On: Aug 10th, 2009
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RE: Renegades

For class?

Didn't the All Blacks, Rogues, and Hounds run up the score against the Crew then? Similar scores don't you think?

Posted By: Stew-Crew Player

Posted On: Aug 10th, 2009
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RE: Renegades

don't really care about the score but I also play in the whitby league where the refs are other players and so it is important for sportmanship like if your touched stop or if your out say so. The refs weren't in a good position for the extra point and so just called it in and not the refs fault as can't be everywhere. Now it was only a point but in the other light the Renegades were up and shouldn't have been an arguing especially when was clear to people on the sidlelines the player was out. But as karma would have it the photographer extrodinaire captured it on camera and so the first video replay in touch football wiped out the renegades one extra point.lol We're all out to get some exercise and have some fun and keep the competitive spirit high but let's all try to remember our sportsmanship when playing Sunday mornings.

Posted By: On IR

Posted On: Aug 10th, 2009
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RE: Renegades

i guess there's someone who always wants to cause trouble on the boards. Drama Drama Drama just give it a rest already !!!!!!

Posted By: TK

Posted On: Aug 10th, 2009
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RE: Renegades

Argue a 1 point call?

there was absolutely NO arguing on the Renegades behalf. i was on the field at the time of the play.

our player caught the ball, the ref was not in position to see very well. the Crew player was yelling saying that he was out of bounds. renegades said nothing, the ref called him in bounds and scored the point.

when approaching the side lines, the RENEGADES players asked the photographer if he caught it, he said that the player was out of bounds by quite a bit.

everyone laughed about it...and that was it. clearly the renegades do not care about 1 point when we were up by a bunch of scores.

as for throwing to our top players being up so much. that is not entirely the case. some of our players who dont get as much catches did get thrown the ball and scored points.

even still... why should we disrupt our offense just because we are leading? what will that do to us the next game. good teams dont alter dont choke out their offense just because they are leading.

Posted By: _

Posted On: Aug 10th, 2009
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RE: Renegades

I don't get on this MB too often but I thought I'd read up on the latest and somebody might give an update on how everyone did @ Unioniville. I did see a few Durham players with some mvp hardware so it does look good on the league. On the other sided, it seems like things don't change. I'm assuming many of you that get on this thing are new to the league or new players. Alot of bs and many of you sound like you're playing grade school football.

First, this isn't whiby league so don't compare. This is a true tfont league so players and refs are held accountable to its standards. They get paid, not much, but still, they need to do their job and not let a player have to make a call...why have refs then? Also, if a team is that far ahead, if that team has any knowledge of the game, you should always decline the convert. That is class, speeds up the game, and allows the other team to get on the O and no one feels like a team is running up the score.

Just my 2 pennies.

Posted By: clarification

Posted On: Aug 10th, 2009
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RE: tk?

were you really there? Yes he did say something .. yes he did change his foot position to try and fool the ref.. yes he was whining..yes he did apologize afterwards noting he was out of order.. but if you are going to state facts please have a clue what you are talking about which you obviously don't.. and lastly how many scores did that same guy get..cmon lets be honest

Posted By: TK

Posted On: Aug 10th, 2009
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RE: Renegades

clarification... post your name and stand by your post if your going to try to chirp me. its pathetic you have to post under "clarification"

answer this question:

do you know how to start a sentence with something other than Yes?

if you look at the picture... he was about 4 ft out of bounds, so how did he change his foot position to remain in bounds?

any player is obviously going to think they were in bounds if they dont see clearly they are out. the previous post that i replied to made it seem like the whole renegades team was arguing about the call

obviously you werent there, i was on the field. this was not a big issue at the time at all.

why are we even discussing this meaningless call? i for one have better things to do.

Posted By: Scott

Posted On: Aug 10th, 2009
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RE: Renegades

I was present at the Renegades Crew game and from what I thought everyone was in good spirits about the call and I didn't see any arguing over the single point only a bunch of guys checking out the photos and having a laugh over it. Also I don't think the Renegades really ran up the score. They seemed to spread the ball around quite a bit in the 4th quarter and had players trying different positions on defence. As for the comments by _ I have to say I agree. This is a competitive league with paid referees and those referees have to make a call and if they miss it then tough I'm sure it all evens out throughout the season.

I will be posting Banquet and Playoff information on Wednesday. Stay Tuned.


Posted By: in attendance

Posted On: Aug 11th, 2009
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RE: Renegades

I, too, was there.

The player was trying to say he was in.

His teammates on the sidelines were actually telling him that he was NOT in.

So -- the player was trying to say that he was in, and yes he did try to "replay" the scenario...... but his teammates on the sidelines(lead by Sea Biscuit) were all telling him that he was out.

and that's how it REALLY went down..

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