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Posted By: Surprised?

Posted On: Sep 1st, 2016
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Does it come as a surprise to anyone other than me that OPC still manages to throw insults around on the field about performance when they are 1-9? I mean it's not everyone but the few that do, come on. You have to win a few games before you can start insulting anyone's play.


A concerned parent.

Posted By: billy bob

Posted On: Sep 2nd, 2016
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happens in every sport get use to it. But they are waste

Posted By: Pele

Posted On: Sep 2nd, 2016
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Oh and don't forget the soccer dives.

Posted By: Scott

Posted On: Sep 2nd, 2016
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At least when they are talking crap on the field you can see who they are which is more than I can say for the 3 people who posted above. The Hawks have definitely had there issues with OPC in the past and we are praying for a chance to kick their ass in the B semi final but I do know most of them and they are really competitive but super nice guys off the field.

Hopefully none of them read too much into the comments of anonymous posters who talk shit (while hiding behind message board aliases) about guys talking shit.

Posted By: Captain Cock

Posted On: Sep 2nd, 2016
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funny, I was gonna say the same thing but then I looked at my name and thought touché.

Kelly, am I using that in the right context?

thanks scotty, hawks still suck though.

Posted By: OPC96

Posted On: Sep 6th, 2016
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Don't know when anyone on my team went after someone personally. of course there is talk on the field but as far as I know it always stops there. if you are so concerned I would love to know who you are and what specifically you are referring to. As far as the soccer comments... LOL ... weve been in the league 5 years now you think you'd come up with something new by now. And scott, appreciate the comment but Rics right... Hawks suck :p lol

Posted By: TJ

Posted On: Sep 7th, 2016
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I dunno, I have no problem with guys getting fired up and playing hard. So what if they've moved up a level and are taking their lumps? That's what makes you better. When the Buckeyes first went to tournaments, we struggled. Then we started winning tier 3. Then we moved to the bottom of tier 2 and got our asses kicked. Then we started winning that. Now with the Mustangs we won the A to start the year, which has moved us into tier 1 ... and guess what? We're getting our asses kicked. It takes time to learn the game, and you learn faster when you're getting beat by better teams who just know the game better than you do. But if you keep a good head on your shoulders and just keep plugging away, eventually you learn those tricks, too.

To the guy on OPC who beat me with a double out and up pattern, I'm still impressed over that one. Don't think I've ever seen anybody run it, so thanks for making me look like a fool jumping that double out. Great throw by the QB, too. Keep it up, boys.

Posted By: Captain Cock

Posted On: Sep 8th, 2016
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Brian had a run a double out the series before which you were all over. I mentioned to him that later on in the game, if the time is right, we could maybe get a double out and up to work. It's those plays that keep you coming back. Even though the score was what it was, I it still put a smile on our faces. Thanks for the kudos.

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