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Posted On: Aug 25th, 2016
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Week 9 Report - Henry Street

It was All Star Weekend at the Henry Street Highschool fields this past Sunday, and there were 4 games to kick off the day before the All Star festivities. At the North field, 4 A Division teams clashed in the Rogues vs ASU at 9am, and then OPC vs Mustangs at 10:30am. At the South field, 2 B Division teams went at 2 C Division teams in the Sharks vs Manimals at 9am, followed by Raiders vs Hawks at 10:30am.

North Field

9am – Rogues vs ASU

In a rematch from last week, the day started off with a great matchup when the Rogues and ASU squared off yet again. The Rogues led by Brandon Pottle, showcased again exactly why they’re undefeated this season. Other than running in a touchdown of his own, and recording an INT, Brandon would go to throw 3 TD passes. James Leckey received 2 of these, and Andrew Brimpong received 1. This would mark Andrew’s 85th point, notching him as the League’s current scoring leader. Ryan Stephens was able to output 4 points of his own on 2 PATs, and Kevin Park forced a turnover when he picked up an a single INT. ASU was unable to get much rolling on either end of the field, although QB Dave Spackman was able to find Kyle Shaw for a single TD. Rogues take this one handily, but ASU will look to bounce back next week when they play a B Division team.

Final Score: Rogues 28 – ASU 6
Game MVP: Brandon Pottle

10:30am – Mustangs vs OPC

OPC would have a hard time looking for their first win without their leading scorer Ryan Henriques against a tough Mustangs opponent. Despite the void, OPC QB Ricardo Duarte tossed a TD pass each to both Brian Santos (second leading OPC scorer) and Fil Oliviera. Brian Santos had himself a game, recording 2 more points on a convert and an INT as well. Defensively, Derek Ginter pulled down an INT and OPC Rusher Daniel Oliveira took the Mustangs back when recording a single Sack. On the other side of the line of scrimmage, Mustangs QB Mike Rafuse had himself a heyday throwing 4 TD passes. He connected with his brother Matt Rafuse twice, TJ Bradimore, and Rob Grey. Krys Saunders was able to hang up 3 points from converts, as well as record an INT. The only Sack for the Mustangs today would be credited to Brandon Graham. OPC put up a good fight, but couldn’t withstand the Mustangs potent offence.

Final Score: Mustangs 27 – OPC 14
Game MVP: Mike Rafuse

South Field

9am – Sharks vs Manimals

The Manimals are having a solid season this year, but see themselves in a challenging game against the Sharks for the first time. Brian Sellers did all the scoring for the Manimals, notching 8 points off a TD and PAT, courtesy of QB Connor Alexander. On top of the TD pass, Connor also showed up defensively and recorded an INT. Jordan Matthews, in place of the absent Manimals Rusher Mark Punsammy, was able to tag the opposing QB to pick up a single Sack. The Sharks had no interest in losing this game, especially Brandon Clark. With this game, Brandon placed himself in the League’s top 5 for scoring and 1st in INTs. He recorded 14 points off 2 TDs from Scott Bird and 2 converts, as well as an INT. Sharks QB Scott Bird also threw a TD each to both Aaron Johnson (who also had an INT on the game) and Jason Holman. On top of 4 TD passes, Scott lead the game in Sacks with 2. Geoff Bird had himself a day too when coming down with an INT as well. Although the Manimals are making strides as a team, the Sharks came out on top with the W.

Final Score: Sharks 28 – Manimals 8
Game MVP: Brandon Clark

10:30am – Raiders vs Hawks

Although the Raiders are in the higher division, they would have their hands full with the refurbished new-look Hawks team. Raiders receiver/halfback Matt Chang put up all of the Raiders points this game. He was able to run one in on his own, and received one from Raiders QB Rich Lafoy, an OTFL veteran. Matt and Rich produced on the defensive end as well, with Matt recording a Sack on the very shifty Hawks QB Steve Gagnon, and Rich recording an INT making it his third of the year. For the Hawks, Steve Gagnon laid it all out again for his team. Steve managed to run 2 TDs in, pick up an INT, and throw 2 TD passes as well. The receiving end of these TDs was top 5 League scorer Travis Thomas, and Hawks Center Geoff Hughes. Defensively, former Hawks QB Scott Elkington came up big and plucked the ball out of the air for an INT. Hawks Rusher Tyler Van Gign, who is 2nd in the league for sacks, was able to add 1 more to his Sack column. The formidable Hawks team take the W in this bout, and improve to 8-1 on the season.

Final Score: Hawks 24 – Raiders 12
Game MVP: Steve Gagnon

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