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Posted By: JC

Posted On: Jul 7th, 2016
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Feels good to be back to a regular week of football. Hope everyone did well on their tournament weekend!


Sharks vs Rogues
Old foes meet again. The Sharks haven't had the start to the season they were more than likely expecting. They have yet to come up with a win. The Rogues, however, continue to do what they always have. Another tough week for the Sharks.


Untouchables vs Rogues
The Untouchables are fortunate enough to catch the Rogues on the back end of a double header. This still won't matter too much.


Untouchables vs Atlas
Atlas gets the Untouchables on the back end of their double header, but hasn't shown enough yet this season to prove they're able to hang with a team of this caliber.


Thundercats vs Rivals
I really like the potential this game has. The Thundercats have string together a couple of impressive wins the last two weeks against divisional teams. Now the get a chance at a very good Rivals team. Last year in the divisional crossover, the Thundercats managed to squeak out a win on the back end of a double header. With that said, the Rivals have shown they are the class of the B division. I expect this to be a hard fought toss up game of the Thundercats remain consistent.


Hawks vs Manimals
The Hawks continue their undefeated streak. Missing a few players last week, they managed to snatch a win. I expect, back at full strength, they will be able to handle a hungry Manimals team.


This should be a fun one to watch. ASU is a very talented team and has shown it belongs in the A division. OPC has only had one other game against another A division team and showed they were able to compete. As always, OPC will keep the game interesting, but I don't believe they have enough to outlast ASU.


Mustangs vs ASU
Welcome to 2016 Mustangs! Tough draw for your first game of a double header, but you'll be catching ASU on the back end of theirs. I don't have much to go on at this moment until we see the Mustangs play. I give it to ASU for that reason.


Mustangs vs Raiders
The Raiders are somewhat surprising me this year, and not in the best way. After absolutely tearing through the C division last year, they are winless this season. Luckily, it is early with plenty of time to turn it around. Until that happens, I can't pick them. Even without seeing the Mustangs, I have to take them for the win.


Have a great week everyone!

Posted By: John Anthony

Posted On: Jul 7th, 2016
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RE: Picks

Now that that pesky long weekend is behind it's time to get back to football.

Still struggling to get my feet under me this season. Luckily the schedule this weekend provides for some easy pickings and will definitely result in my first perfect week of the season.

After going 3 - 1 last week (Damn Sharks screwed me two weeks in a row, at least I can rest easy picking against them this week), my overall record for the season is 7 - 3- 1.

Let's get to this week's games:


Sharks v. Rogues: So happy to see this matchup this week as it's an easy pick against the Sharks which I would have probably been forced to do no matter who they were playing after costing me correct picks for the last two weeks. With this matchup I can pick against them and sleep well at night after doing so. Give me the Rogues

Untouchables v. Rogues: Untouchables are coming off a solid win last week but they will simply be outmatched this week against the Rogues. Give me the Rogues again. (pretty safe bet that I will be picking the Rogues every time for the rest of the season).

Untouchables v. Atlas: Interesting schedule for the Untouchables this week going from 1st to worst within their doubleheader. Just like I said I will picking the Rogues for the rest of the season I can also say until a see a win from Atlas I'll be picking against them for the rest of the season. But I am routing for them to get that win but it won't be this week. Untouchables easily.

Thundercats v. Rivals: This has to be the game of the week over at Eastdale. I do see the Thundercats improving each week but if you don't have a qb that can throw accurately you just can't beat good teams in touch football. The Rivals will figure out how to stop Bryce/Keitel from running the ball and force them to throw. The ending of this situation is very predictable. Rivals win.


Hawks v. Manimals: WOW. What a difference a QB makes. The same team that was able to hang 18 on the sharks with Steve Gagnon at QB can only put up 7 against Atlas with the Tuna. There is no Tfont tournament this week so I expect Steve to be there for this one. Give me the Hawks to win this one easily.

OPC v. ASU: OPC looked better last week but still don't seem to be clicking on all cylinders. ASU on the other hand has only lost to the Rogues. I look for ASU to keep this trend going and get an important divisional win over OPC.

Mustangs v. ASU: Welcome back to the OTFL Mustangs! They have a tough test to start the season. With a number of the Buckeyes now on the Mustangs this is the quasi continuation of that heated Buckeyes/Spack rivalry. I see these two teams battling all year long for the 2nd place spot in A and this game will be huge to determining that. I'll have to go with the 'overrated' QB to throw to his 'open' receivers all day long and edge out the Mustangs.

Raider v. Mustangs: A bit easier game to finish off the day for the Mustangs as they face a struggling Raiders team that just can't seem to stay out of it's own way. Give me Mustangs to get their first win of the season before the Raiders (despite the Raiders having a 3 week headstart).

For the weekly picks contest give me:

Rogues x 2
Untouchables over Atlas
Mustangs over Raiders

There you have it. 8 games. 8 correct picks. Count it!


Posted By: Kelly

Posted On: Jul 8th, 2016
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RE: Picks

Well... I can add 4 perfect picks to my running total from last weekend's matches... I haven't read what JC & JA have written above me (don't want any influence)... but really, this week is going to be a breeze unless some major attendance issues, or screw ups happen..


Sharks v. Rogues: always a tough week for whomever gets paired up against the Rogues... sorry brown team (aka Sharks), this is going to be the start of an easy morning for the Rogues, giving them their first of two victories on the day.

Untouchables v. Rogues: see above. Rogues for the W.

Untouchables v. Atlas: Although I didn't get out to see most of the Hawks v. Atlas game from last week as planned (seriously, Scott - why do you make the games so early on a Sunday?!?!!?), I did see Atlas holding it close... sure, the Hawks didn't have Gagnon there... BUT... still shows improvement on their part. Untouchables may be a bit winded if they try to compete against the best of the best in their earlier match (which, I am sure they will), and this will make the scale a bit more level.... does this mean the first win of the season for Atlas? ......... I will go with my gut and say no... Untouchables finish the day on a high note.

Thundercats v. Rivals: OHHHHH... a goodie! Probably the most difficult to predict of the lot.... Thundercats have youth and energy... Rivals have age and experience... what will serve better? Gotta go with my baby bro - it's his bday weekend! Give me the cats to win.... [Sorry all.. Vic told me not to do anything for his bday, so I cancelled the sexy cheerleaders at halftime... maybe next year?]


Hawks v. Manimals: Hawks.... I picked you guys in the weekly picks contest, and usually when I do - you like to give me a reason to consider calling a divorce lawyer.... BUT... with the nice pickup at QB, I go into my Hawk picks with a little less nerves... Manimals were pulling some nice moves on the cats last week, but not enough to be a true competition for the Hawks... Hawks win by a little or a lot - depending on who is tossing.

OPC v. ASU: Well damnitall... my OPC boys, versus Spack and associates... I have already expressed my adoration for Spack and his ability to make all things glitter, even if they aren't gold..... does OPC have what it takes to hold their own against a solid A team? don't hate me OPC.... i still love you... but i just don't think this week will be one of your finest... give me ASU for a win separated by single digits.

Mustangs v. ASU: WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT... the Mustangs are backkkkkkkkkkk.. and - with many familiar faces as we see some reds turn blue... I am really, REALLY excited for this merge.. and think it will be a thing of beauty... Will this make them stronger than ASU, clenching second overall in the league? THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE TO TELL - it is just their first game of the season so how the heck can I predict this?? ughhhhh... I have a feeling these two teams will rotate second place based on the way the wind blows... but for today's game, I am going to pick a fresh Mustangs over a sweaty ASU.... though, i may very well live to regret this?

Raiders v. Mustangs: Okay... well.. since I have already declared the Mustangs have a power struggle with ASU for overall 2nd in the league, they won't get there by losing to the Raiders... soooo.. Mustangs for a relatively easy win over the Raiders.

so yeah... now i am going to go and read what the boys above picked, and see how wrong they were... ;)

Posted By: Chris Berman

Posted On: Jul 9th, 2016
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RE: Picks

Not terrible so far ,but, I could be better (Sharks ,Hawks ,Manimals and Raiders are giving me a hard time) Not this week!!!!!!!!

For Starters the easy picks both for the same reason
Sharks vs Rogues Can't go against the Rogues
Rogues by 21

Untouchables vs Rogues
Rogues by 21

Untouchables vs Atlas
Atlas put up a close game last vs the Hawks and may be showing signs of a little improved defense,but, it won't be enough against the Untouchables .Even at the back end of a double header
Untouchables by 21

This week sees a lot of games that should be very good. This possibly being the game of the week
Thundercats vs Rivals
Thundercats week 1 start seems to be long forgotten and have won the next 2 easily. This will be a great test for their new QB. If allowed to run this will be interesting. The Rivals only loss comes against one of the top teams. There is too much experience here for the Cats
Rivals by 6

Hawks vs Manimals
I can't figure this one out. Big wins against Cats and Sharks,close to a new team, Tie the Raiders and lose easily to the Cats. Assuming the Hawks new QB is there the Hawks should take this
Hawks by 21

Battle of the acronyms
OPC is a good team ,but ,just a little overmatched here
ASU by 14

Mustangs vs ASU
NO idea!!!!!! Just a Guess ASU on the back side of a double header
Mustangs by 6

Mustangs vs Raiders
Even on the back of a double header, Mustangs will take this
Mustangs by 14

Good Luck to all
Have a great week

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