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Posted By: Captain Cock

Posted On: Sep 21st, 2015
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Semi picks

Hello OTFL,

Sorry for missing last weeks picks. Let me make it up to you's.

Manimals vs Thundercats

Manimals had a big win vs the Hawks this past week. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think it was their 1st ever playoff win. Now they are facing a team that is still looking for their 1st. I have to say that the Cats will take this one. If the Manimals want to win this game their D will have to stand in their heads. The Cats are lead by a good QB and he's able to find the open receivers. Stop him and the Manimals may have a chance.

Cats by 3

OPC vs Sharks

Regular season doesn't mean squat in this game. We've battled the Sharks on many occasions and both have come out on top. It's all about who shows up Sunday. Believe me when I say OPC will be there.

OPC win

Untouchables vs Rivals

The Rivals win over the Raiders this past week was all about the D. Much like the Manimlas if they want to pull off the win their D will have to play a near perfect game. The Untouchables have been consistently good this season and I don't see them faltering here. Being solid on both sides of the ball usually leads to wins.

Untouchables by 10

Raiders vs Hawks

The Raiders high powered offence was shut out last week... so don't expect that to happen again. I have a feeling they'll want revenge and unfortunately the Hawks are the first team to give them that chance. But as usual the Hawks will go hard and try do what they need to do to win.

Raiders by 16

Bulldogs vs Rogues

Yes we are all stunned that it's the Rogues are playing and not the Buckeyes. But I'm not jumping on the "the Rogues are done bus". This will be a a top notch game. The Rogues want redemption and the Bulldogs want to upset.

Rogues by 4

There you have it. If anyone disagrees lets hear.

Good luck to all.

Posted By: Chris Berman

Posted On: Sep 22nd, 2015
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RE: Semi picks

Good to see you back Captain
We see things a little different this week

Manimals vs Thundercats
I do agree, Manimals D will have to come up big in this one. It comes down to Rusher vs QB
Manimals continue the drive for the C Championship
Manimals by 1

OPC vs Sharks
This will be the game of the day, and like the Manimals, the Sharks will continue their drive
Sharks by 1

Untouchables vs Rivals
I agree with the Captain
Untouchables by 10

Raiders vs Hawks
Tough loss for both these teams. They will both come fighting. Hawks D has to be perfect to stop the Raiders. One huge problem , they have to stop Cole.
Won't happen
Raiders by 7

Bulldogs vs Rogues
2 losses for the Rogues ? I don't think so
Rogues by 20

Good luck to all
Have a great day

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