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Posted By: Chris Berman

Posted On: Aug 20th, 2015
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Well last week I made a few risky picks, this week has little room for that

OPC vs Thundercats
After last weeks loss to the Raiders, OPC will now have to fire back to prove they a a legitimate B contender
OPC by 20

Hawk vs Untouchables
Untouchables are just to strong for the Hawks this season
Untouchables by 20

Rogues vs Buckeyes
Can't go against the Rogues, as good as the combination of Mike and Matt are
Rogues by 7

Rivals vs Bulldogs
After defeating the Hawks last week the rivals will be riding a bit of a high,but, the Bulldogs are not a C team. Big game for them
Bulldogs by 20

Raiders vs Manimals
After the Raiders win vs OPC, I think the Raiders are just to much
Raiders by 14

Sharks vs Bulldogs
Second game of a double header, not going to matter
Bulldogs by 14

Good luck to all
Have a great weekend

Posted By: Captain Cock

Posted On: Aug 21st, 2015
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RE: Picks

Hello OTFL,

Well it seems as though each divisions seedlings are pretty much set. With the playoffs just around the corner these last couple of games are more for team moral. You always want to go into the payoffs on a hot streak so a loss here won't help that cause. Here we go.

OPC vs Cats

OPC's loss last week pretty much ended our hopes of finishing 1st in "B", which is where we expected to finish. But "pretty much" doesn't mean "can't happen". We'll go out this week and play hard to get the win with the thought in mind that we will finish 1st. Good luck Cats.

OPC win

Rogues vs Buckeyes

I heard through the grape vine that there was a bit of a brouhaha last week between the the Bucks and Untouchables. Any suspensions? If there was and the Bucks happen to be missing a key player or 2 they will lose. But if they have a full roster I'm picking them to win. Rogues have to lose eventually don't they?

Bucks by 2

Raiders vs Manimals

Raiders have been on spot all year and shouldn't have any problems this weekend.

Raiders by 14

Hawks vs Untouchables

OPC needs the Untouchables to lose out. Hawks, I know you guys suck but if you pull off a win this weekend OPC will pull the win off next weekend. Deal? Untouchables suspensions? With or without they'll manage to win this game.

Untouchables by 20

Rivals vs Bulldogs

Rivals have improved throughout the season and a win here would blow their egos up big time. A win would make them believe even more that the "B" title could be theirs. The Bulldogs believe that they are better than their record and I agree.

Bulldogs by 18

Sharks vs Bulldogs

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think this is the rubber match between these two. Bulldogs will be tired after their first game and that could be a problem. I'm going to take the Sharks in a tight one.

Sharks by 2

There you have it.

Good luck to all.

Posted By: Rich Eisen

Posted On: Aug 23rd, 2015
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RE: Picks

Well look at Chris, no bumblin, fumblin or stumblin.
He goes ALL THE WAY with a perfect 6-0.

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