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Posted By: Chris Berman

Posted On: Aug 8th, 2015
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What !!! no picks

Light schedule with no prognosticators
Well I will give it a go
9:00 am Opc vs Manimals
I have to give OPC the experience ,but , the Manimals are showing some better defence in the past weeks and their offence is now moving the ball
I will give this to OPC ,but , not by what they may think
OPC by 12

10:00 am Hawks vs Raiders
If the Hawks can find a way to stop Cole they may keep it close, (he is too tough to stop HE COULD GO ALLLL THE WAYYY)
Raiders by 20

Good Luck to all

Posted By: Rich Eisen

Posted On: Aug 9th, 2015
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RE: What !!! no picks

Good calls Chris.
Manimals were only losing 8 - 0 with five plays to go.
OPC scores a major in the last three plays.

Cole went ALL THE WAY twice vs the Hawks.
Raiders 29 Hawks 0

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