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Posted By: John Anthony

Posted On: Nov 30th, 2014
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Week 8 picks

Can't believe it's already week 8. This season is flying by. Still searching for the ever elusive perfect week.


Thundercats v. Untouchables

Thundercats are reeling right now and Untouchables are riding high after their win over the Sharks last week. Give me the Untouchables to win big.

Raiders v. Untouchables

This should be one of the best games of the week. Time to see if the Raiders actually belong with the big boys (ok the medium sized boys; THE B DIVISION alright??). I think they can take advantage of a somewhat hot and tired Untouchables team to keep this one close but aren't quite able to pull it out. Give me the Untouchables to pull off the "C" division sweep.

Buckeyes v. Rogues

Haven't seen either team in a while. The creed still stands though can't pick against the Rogues.

Maxwell Heights

Hawks v. Manimals

This game is just so hard to pick. Neither team really deserves to be picked but since I have to take one give me the Hawks.

Sharks v. Rivals

Still not a huge believer in the Rivals. Give me the Sharks to win by more than a score.

OPC v. Bulldgos

Bulldogs finally put the Top 3 creed to rest two weeks ago when they lost to the Sharks. For that reason alone I'm going to with OPC in the upset.

There you have. I agree a pretty lackluster write up this week but it's been a long week and I'm tired. As usual let's hear your thoughts.


Posted By: Captain Cock

Posted On: Nov 30th, 2014
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RE: Week 8 picks

I too am looking for the perfect week. Last week I went 4-1, picked the Sharks to win. And for some reason I picked the Rogues over the Buckeyes when they weren't even playing. So let's get at it.

Untouchables vs Thundercats

This one is a no brainer. The Cats are going through some growing pains after a positive start but that was expected. No disrespect meant, it's just the way it is. With a big win over the Sharks last week the Untouchables continue to look good. I'm sure their confidence is high and they'll have no problems taking care of business once again this week.

Untouchables by 20

Untouchables vs Raiders

Time for the Raiders to show their worth. They have had a few close calls within their division but have also kicked some ass along the way. Do they have what it takes to step up and show that the Raiders are back? For OPC's sake I hope so. But I don't see it happening. I have a feeling that this will be a close game but I have to pick the Untouchables.

Untouchables by 6

Rogues vs Buckeyes

Look at last weeks post.

Rogues by 10

Hawks vs Manimals

Oh the Hawks. The team I love to beat and watch get beat. But personal opinions aside I have to pick them to beat the Manimals this week. It's not going to be by a landslide but it'll happen. If the Manimals want to win this game it'll have to be on defence. A pick 6 could do the job.

Hawks by 1

Sharks vs Rivals

Sharks must be feeling pretty down after last weeks loss, especially after a big win the week before. On the other hand the Rivals managed to get their first OTFL win ever and are most likely feeling like things are turning around. Team moral is a vital part of the game so I'm going to pick the team that's on the high.

Rivals by 2

OPC vs Bulldogs

OPC needs this game. A loss here could put them two and a half games back of the Untouchables, if the Untouchables can win both of their games. Actually it would be more like three games since the Untouchables some how managed to beat OPC in game one. The Bulldogs showed that they are capable of dropping a game to a team other than the Rogues or the Buckeyes when they lost to the Sharks. I'd love to see them drop another.

OPC win

And there you have it.

Good luck to all.

Posted By: Chris Berman

Posted On: Nov 30th, 2014
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RE: Week 8 picks

I guess there will not be a perfect week again

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