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Posted By: Whitby Fan

Posted On: Jul 18th, 2015
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Whitby Men's Football League

Hate to troll your boards, but looks like a fall league war is commencing. If you are undecided, here are the pros for Whitby:

- Also been around 40 years.
- Runs through a fair, very competent executive where issues are voted on.
- Plays at Henry, 2 fields, so league social experience is second to none.
- Increased fees for the first time this year to $75 to pay for refs
- All players receive "authentic" NFL jerseys
- Always lots of extracirricular activities on the hill watching games (drinks, bbq)
- 8 strong QBs make for a very competitive league

Ajax is a great league as many Whitbiers play in the spring and no doubt Buzz and his group will also do well, but Whitby stands out IMHO.

Anyone for a Durham Fall Super League? Whitby can accomodate 4 timeslots, so thats 16 teams! Whitby is central. Makes sense. Just tossing it out there.

Posted By: Free Agent

Posted On: Jul 18th, 2015
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RE: Whitby Men's Football League

Not to knock The Ajax Football League but why does Bill charge $80.00 to play in the spring and then charges $120.00 to play in the Fall, that is a big increase in price for an extra 2 games.

Just saying.....

Posted By: ATFL Deserter

Posted On: Jul 20th, 2015
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RE: Whitby Men's Football League

Where do you sign up and when is the deadline?

Posted By: Whitby

Posted On: Jul 20th, 2015
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RE: Whitby Men's Football League


Email just came out, that they are half full already.

Posted By: KMcNeill

Posted On: Sep 28th, 2015
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RE: Whitby Men's Football League

Just to clear the air:

The Eastern Touch Football League came to fruition through a desire by a few experienced (re old) ball players to refresh and speed up the traditional 'steam boat' style of touch football. By initiating a 3 downs for 20 yard rule, all positive yards counting, to replace the traditional requirement to always complete a 10 yard pass, or essentially lose that down.
We also shortened the 4 'steam boat' count time to 3 'steam boats' to help speed up the game.

As a side note, the 3-4-20 has reduced the pressure on the referees to get the 'spot' dead on 2 out of 3 possible downs. Seems to me, any way of taking some of the controversy out of the game is good thing...

We believe we have successfully blended some of the 7 man 'rush' game intensity with the 6 man 'steam boat' offensive creativity. So far, all the feed back from the players has been positive on that front.

Finally, there will be no fall league wars between the existing regional leagues because of the ETFL. Our mandate is to network with all the local leagues, including the Oshawa Touch Football League, to raise public awareness and to develop this great sport of ours in the Durham Region, which by the way, is a hot bed for touch football. As part of this process, we have extended an invitation to the ATFL (Ajax Touch Football League)to participate in some interleague action being as they too have switched to 3-4-20 game.

In closing, the ETFL executive is open to all serious inquiries. Please feel free to visit our website www.easterntouchfootball.com

Looking forward to the future!

Cheers to all the teams participating in the OTFL
Championships this upcoming Sunday.

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