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Posted By: John Anthony

Posted On: Jul 10th, 2015
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Week 6 picks

Often imitated, never replicated.

I'm here with my week 6 picks (my first time posting since I posted my week 5 picks, just as an FYI).

Not a great return last week going 4 - 2 but still lots of season left to turn things around.

Pretty straight forward week this week so in order to keep things interesting I might have to take a couple upsets (don't want to pick the same as KA and CC).

Maxwell Heights:
OPC v. Rivals

Definitely the game of the week. At first glance this seems like the easiest game to pick against CC and KA. The Rivals have improved greatly since the beginning of the season and OPC has been good but not great so far this season. OPC did win by a point the first time these teams played but as I said the Rivals are a better team now. Even with all of that said I just don't see the Rivals having an answer for the two OPC superstars. As long as Captain Cock can deliver the ball close to these two, OPC will pull this one out (likely by less than a score).

Rivals v. Buckeyes

Really not too much to say about this one. Just the usual caveat don't pick one of the top 3 teams to lose to anyone but one of the top 3 teams. It is pretty much a creed for this season. I'm sure there will be a few members of the Rivals who will be extra motivated for this game but it won't make a difference. Buckeyes by a lot.

Hawks v. Thundercats

Well I'm starting to run out of games to pick against my fellow prognosticators (what with the brand new creed eliminating two or the Eastdale games) so what the heck let me go with the Hawks (likely pretty displeased at losing to the Manimals last week) to win this one over the Thundercats (who came back down to earth last week against an improved Raiders team) in my Upset special of the Week.


Raiders v. Manimals

It would be nice to pick the underdog in this one as well but there is just no way I can pick the Manimals over the Raiders. The Raiders new additions should make them a much better squad than the team that has already beat the Manimals 22 - 6 last time the two teams played. Give me the Raiders to win easily

Bulldogs v. Sharks

See new creed above. Give me the Bulldogs

Untouchables v. Rogues

So many creeds to chose from (well o.k. really just 2). Both of them say pick the Rogues.

There you have it. My week 6 picks.

Let's hear your thoughts.


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