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Posted By: OTFL Executive

Posted On: Jul 20th, 2009
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OTFL Logo Design Contest/Opportunity

Just wondering if any of you in the league would personally be interested, or know someone who would be interested in designing a logo for the league.

We are trying to keep it low budget.. and with that.. we mean $0.

It's a great opportunity to build a portfolio for anyone who is just starting out in the graphic design industry.. or for someone who is already established, or just dabbles with graphic design as a hobby, its the bragging rights and satisfaction of being able to say they designed their league's logo.

The logo would be used on all promotional advertising, stationary, future business cards, banquet publications & memorabilia (ie: hats, shirts, hoodies, etc), sponsorship publication, tournament publications & advertisements.

Please post any (serious) questions/responses below, or feel free to email us at the league email address: oshawafootball[at]gmail.com

Should we get more than 1 active participant/logo, the winning design will be determined by popular vote.

There are no guidelines to the logo, aside from having to include 'OTFL' or 'Oshawa Touch Football League'. We will, however, offer input for revisions of the design once an initial design has been provided so we can work with you to obtain the best possible logo as far as everyone is concerned.

SO -- bring your best .jpg/.pdf/.png file forward.. we can't wait to see what talent our players have while OFF the field...

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